Effects of the Internet and Social Media Networks to Students

Due to the advent of social media and the emergence of technology, students’ reading habit has been forgotten. Reading is considered as a very important factor in the foundation of greatness that forms the life of everyone regardless of age, status, and gender. Reading helps develop the mind of an individual and most importantly, reading helps a lot when you are trying to pass a test at school. One of the major reasons why the habit of reading is now being drained in the minds and activities of the students is the advent of computers, phones, laptops, mobiles as well as the wrong usage of many forms of communication technology. Nowadays, most social media networks such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram, BBm, Badoo, and the use of the World Wide Web as a whole is the major obsession of the youths around the globe. While it is true that social media can add a few positive contributions to the lives of the students, it is still making the student’s academic status to suffer.

Effects of the Internet and Social Media Networks to Students

Negative Effects of Social Media Networks to Students

Many students who have access on the internet spend their time on chatting and web surfing for non-educative ideas. Most of the youths nowadays are glued to their mobile phones the whole day without minding the sense of time. Sometimes, they do not help their parents anymore when it comes to house chores specially during house cleaning Bend Oregon. In addition, there are some students that are seen using their mobile phones during class hours, in the libraries, and even during important school seminars. Most students believe that their mobile phones are a tool for easy access when you want to read, but they actually are not as they are only distraction to the minds of the students. Mobile phones should be used in the right place and the right time, without having the need to use it the whole day. Some students are also seen plugging in their headphones while humming out the beat of the songs that they are listening while inside the classroom. It is a really wrong act since this gesture can disturb other students who strive hard to finish their education with flying colors.

Students Use Social Media and the Internet to Research Invaluable Information

In order for them to stay up to date with the current events and trends, as well as to feed their curiosity about what’s going on worldwide especially showbiz related, they are always seen reading social blogs, fashion blogs and other celebrity news on the net, instead of reading informative websites that can help their education. Because of that, there is a big decline in the reading habits and passion of the students. Because of the existence of these social media networks and the incapability of the parents to guide their children, they prefer to seek pleasure and enjoyment from the social media and the internet using their smart phones. In the past, students read regularly to entertain themselves while gaining knowledge at the same time. Unfortunately, students nowadays only read their books and other learning materials when they need to pass an examination. Therefore, their main reason to read is not to gain knowledge but to merely pass their examination. This habit has completely reduced the development of the brain and its vast usage. Nowadays, students cannot learn through reading anymore. Because of that, students who invest their time on the internet and social media than reading books will eventually have low grades, very poor academic performance, and might become unsuccessful in the future.

Disruption of Students’ Writing Skills

Due to people’s writing style in social media networks, most students are not capable of writing long essays anymore. It is also because they do not read story books and novels anymore. Short stories and novels can actually educate students on how to write properly but they are seems to be meaningless now to most students who have engaged themselves in social media. The internet is now full of write-ups with lots of improper abbreviations and students that are reading these kinds of writing will not be able to develop the skill for writing a correct essay or novel. In addition, because of the nature in which chats and messages are written, most students have learned to develop the habit of using shorthand when writing, and constructing a few lines and incomplete sentences. This has already affected the students’ grammar, communication, punctuation as well as writing skills. These habits usually affect a lot of students during tests, exams and classes. Incomplete sentences and abbreviations that are being written by students may not make sense to professors and thus lead to academic failure. Some examples of such abbreviations include “k” instead of using “okay.”



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