Effects of Digital Media and Internet to Businesses

The modern media of today is no longer aired in a radio or television show, advertisement or newspaper. Instead, the modern media, which includes sound, text and videos, can be shared and saved electronically, with the use of mobile devices and desktop computers. The media’s electronic dissemination nowadays actually has a big impact on how the people communicate for school, personal reasons, and even business transactions. However, social media doesn’t only have positive impact not only in the minds of the people, but for the society and businesses as well. But in this article, we will be tackling about the benefits social media can give to businesses no matter what its nature is, and no matter how big or small it is.

Effects of Digital Media and Internet to Businesses

Faster Information

Thanks to social media, most companies now, regardless of their size and nature, can be able to get their latest news out to the public much faster than ever. In the past, companies are printing inserts and wait for Sunday papers to let the public know about their sales. But today, companies let the entire world know about their sales and latest updates through social networking, email, internet ads and their websites. However, digital media can also spread negative information about your company just as rapid as it can spread the good. A photo or video taken with a mobile phone or a status update in Facebook featuring a business secret can go viral in just a matter of minutes, leaving the reputation of the company damaged before social media can be able to clear up all the mess before it went viral to the public.

Greater Reach

Digital media nowadays means businesses, no matter how big or small, can be able to reach more clients than ever before. For example, a simple promotion that features a freebie or a giveaway can make a company earn hundreds or even thousands of Facebook followers and text message and email subscribers. This means the company can already send them a message with just a single click. However, social media can also mean that those people can reach back. When you have a Facebook page as well as other social media networking sites, such as blogs or Twitter, consumers can be able to leave you negative comments. They can be able to use your social media account to post their complaint and let the world witness the issue that would have otherwise been just for the both of you.


Using the modern media of today means using high technology both to support and create the media. Digital technology can also be an asset for your company. When you adopt laptops and smartphones in order to use the social media, you can also influence other areas of your business in a positive way. Smartphones and laptops make the communication between and your employees much easier.

Unlimited Options

Thanks to modern digital media, companies nowadays have more options whenever they want to let the public know about their businesses. While the traditional way of reaching the attention of the public is through radio or TV commercial and print advertisements, businesses can now be able to create news in the media that is a combination of text, visual, audio, as well as interactive media. This modern media can appeal to a much larger set of audience with different preferences. However, it’s also more costly to maintain and keep up with the constantly changing technology and might require the presence of new strategists and creative designers who can create and think digital.

While there are so many benefits that you can get from the digital media, there are other negative aspects as well. But the bottom line is that digital media especially the internet and social media networks can help businesses a lot, regardless of their size and nature. A lot of people nowadays already have social media accounts and most of them even spend most of their time surfing the net. That is the reason why it is ideal for any business to market their product or service to the digital media, specifically social media. As a matter of fact, most businesses nowadays have already expanded their reach through social media and personal websites. Businesses that offer services and products also offer carting websites where customers can be able to order products and book a schedule online, hassle-free, without having the need to visit their physical store. Their websites are usually connected to social media platforms so more and more people can be able to see the products and services that they offer.

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